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My short stay in Singapore is coming to an end tomorror, and I realise that I have been too busy and jet-lagged to post even a short daily note or a picture to this blog. But tonight, to conclude my short excursion into the world of street art in Singapore, and to prove that graffiti is indeed gradually finding its way here, too, I want to show some examples of my findings.

As it happens, I had a day off on Saturday, and I decided to visit Little India and maybe look at Sim Lim Square, the famous huge electronics warehouse on the way.

I started walking along Benecolen Road, supposedly the straightest route to where I was aiming at, but owing to some street works very soon found myself in a dead end. When I turned back to find some other way, something very strange yet also very familiar hit my eyes: a window display of spray paint cans and plastic cylinders full of caps. As if this was not enough to convince me that the cans an caps implied what I suspected, there were also some books about graffiti.

The display belonged to an art venue combined book shop called Creative Design Space, and it was hosting a graffiti exhibition. But to my disappointment the venue was closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so I could do nothing but decide to come back the first thing on Monday.

Tuesday morning, after breakfast I finally went to sniff around the art bookshop combined gallery where I had found the display of spray paint and caps in the window. The exhibition that was on consisted of little graffiti-related sculptures and installations, a set of tagged miniature trains, some drawings and paintings made in graffiti style, and a video of the processes of making these items. There were also some tags painted on the bookshelves. I walked around the shop and the exhibition taking pictures.

Then, before leaving the shop, I found out that the young man taking pictures of the window display, who seemed to be helping the girl behind the till, was actually Nifty Newa, the writer of the tags on the miniature trains.

From here on the images will have to do the speaking.