Graffiti in Valparaiso / Grafiti en Valparaiso

The first time I bumped into the graffiti in Valparaiso was during my second stay in Santiago, Chile in January 2010, when the run-off between the two finalists of the Chilean presidential election was taking place – and just before the big earthquake in February 27th. I made a day trip to Valparaiso and walked around the hills becoming more and more interested in the graffiti phenomenon.

I went back to Valparaiso a couple of times to take more pictures during my third stay in Santiago Chile in July-August 2010. At that time the distruction caused by the earthquake was still clearly visible.

During my fourth visit to Chile in January 2011 I lived in the heat of Santiago but took the bus to Valparaiso various times and stayed there for several days in order to have time to walk around the hills and take many more pictures than before.

Finally, when I visited Chile for the fifth time in November-December 2011, I decided to live in Valparaiso instead of Santiago. During the one month stay I had plenty of time to concentrate in field work and writing and, among other texts, I wrote the following blog posts about Valparaiso graffiti and graffiti painters:

hundred meters down G. Mackenna – November 18th 2011
mob & wm – November 21st 2011
the blackbooks – November 24th 2011
shopping & sushi with uncolordistinto – December 7th 2011
watching the birth of a piece – December 12th 2011

The gallery

Below is a gallery presenting some of the graffiti photograps I have taken in Valparaiso since January 2010. I have organised it by time, from oldest to the newest. But the gallery is not finished yet; I am still adding pictures to it as well as information of the makers and locations of the graffiti.

Click any thumbnail image to start viewing the photos. You can enlarge and view closer most of the photos by clicking the “permalink” button below each photo.

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