Finnish horses – Prerya stable

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Prerya Stable

Being a Finn and old enough to having spent my childhood summers on my grandmother’s little farm with pigs, cats, chickens, cows, and a horse, it should not be surprising I feel sympathy towards Finnish domestic breeds. Tähti (Star) was a good natured, hard working and very strong Finnish horse mare. Each spring she ploughed the fields, each harvest time she cut the hay, then pulled the hay cart (with me and my uncle riding on it) between the field and the barn several times a day. In the evening, when my uncle finally took her to the forest pasture to have a rest, I was allowed to come along and ride her bareback. It could well be exactly those encounters with that big, sweet-natured, beautiful creature, that explain the pride, the mysterious connection, and the great sympathy I feel whenever I see a Finnish horse.

So, in April 2011, when I noticed on the web that there was a stable quite near (40 minute drive) us that breeds Finnish horses but would also take us on at least two-hour rides outside, I immediately wanted to try it out. That’s how we found Prerya Stables (see also Facebook) and we have since become regular riders there as well as great admirers of their strong, healthy, friendly and happy horses who need no whips to keep going. Trekking with them through the Muijala scenery is always a beautiful adventure and a real treat.

With Pliku from Prerya 11/2011

On our first long day trek we covered 37,6 km in 5,20 hours, galloped and trotted a lot, took the horses to a lake to cool down their hoofs, had a picnic by the fire, and then, when the night was already falling, peacefully wandered towards home through the dark, silent forest where only the horses could see the path properly. Since then our treks in Prerya have exceeded the regular two hours several times, and we have had many chances to test and witness the good nature and versatility of the great Finnish breed when riding in rain and storm, stopping for a cup of coffee at the local kiosk, jumping over fallen tree trunks, and racing around a snowy track on a field galloping as fast as we can!

Wild galloping with Liinu, Pliku (mares) and Simo (gelding) on a race track made on a snowy field. Photo Saila Tauru 29.1.2012.
Me galloping with Liinu. Photo by Saila Tauru 29.1.2012
Our beautiful and reliable friends, Nasu, Simo, and Seri, in April 2012 during a navigation break on our two-day trek, during which we covered 105 kms in fourteen hours!

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