On these pages I will concentrate on horses.

It’s strange, but since my teens I have managed to live most of my life without what could be called hobbies. Only after I turned 50, and all at once, I started to take up activities that clearly belong to that category: wall & rock climbing, horse riding and (whenever I can) dancing. One of these became so important to me that I’d like to make it my profession somehow.

Horse riding

Riding in New Zealand, March 2009

I started horse riding in New Zealand in 2009 during a car tour, while visiting the north-western corner of South Island. The riding tour company was called Cape Farewell Horse Treks, and it was situated near the famous narrow peninsula called Farewell Spit.

The 3-hour+ ride we chose headed to the Wharariki beach, and I must admit that had I not experienced that amazing gallop on the sand, my first ever, I doubt I would have started riding at all… Read more about my horse stories on the horse riding page.

Equine economy studies

May 2014 was a major turning point in my life: I heard that I had been accepted to study Equine Economy in HAMK University of Applied Sciences. All the courses included in the program are not about horses, but about farming, animal husbandry and rural economies in general, and I will be posting some texts and images about those studies as well.

Read about my first 7 weeks of studying equine economy

Read the summary task of our last module of 2014/2015 by Mari Luukkonen and myself, Vision 2025 – Finland as an operating environment for rural entrepreneurship

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