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Something incredible happened on Friday 7th: I had a chance to take part in the renovation of Centro de Educación Especial Ann Sullivan, a school for students with special needs in Quintero. I knew that my friends, who had been commissioned to make murals on the school walls, had already started their job some days earlier. The inauguration of the renovated school was to take place on friday, which meant that the renovation work had to be finished by two o’clock. Needless to say I was eager to go and see how this was done, so I jumped on the microbus to Quintero, and arrived there at 12 am.

What I saw was far more than what I had expected: an ongoing community project supported by the newly elected mayor, financed by GNL Quintero, a major gas company in the area, participated by its workers, including the boss, and all the teachers and staff of the school. Within that one Friday, in front of my eyes, the school was thoroughly repainted, a computer class was founded, an electric gate was inserted, a plant house was built next to the school wall, etc. etc.. Then the school yard was cleaned, rows of chairs were organised for the invited quests, among them father Christmas (or Sunta, as I’d like to call him here) and the new mayor of Quintero, but most importantly, the students – and the celebration could start!