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On Saturday I popped in Quintero, a little bit further north from Concón, and had a short but successfull (and therefore time consuming) photowalk by the sea on Quintero beach. It was a cloudy day, which enhanced the subtle colours and beauty of the strange rock shapes and the amazing rock gardens surrounding them, composed of a wealth of seaside plants and flowers. Against the low, magical mist over the sea even the banal autographs on the stones made by some earlier visitors  (one of them dated just two weeks ago) looked as if they had always been there and belonged to the scenery – a paradoxical impression which in afterthought makes me feel a bit uneasy and confused…

Yes, I have to think about those modern runes not carved with great effort and skill like the ones in the days of yore, but scribbled hastily (for obvious reasons?) with permanent pens or sprays, and often on the most impressive stones and rocks, as if for the sake of good visibility. And I know Quintero is not the only beach where they exist in Chile, in fact I have seen them on almost every rocky beach I have been to here by now.