On Sunday, in the afternoon, I went for a camera walk and by impulse took a new route: up with the ascensor, discovered some fresh pieces in the play park under the wooden landing, then uphill a bit more capturing some real fine works new to me. (See: Charquipunk, Lrm, Drë, Inti and Basco)

Chark, Lrm, Drë & Inti 2011

Basco (Vasco) and who?

Eventually I reached a familiar crossing on top of the ridge between two hills. But what was going on? The really cool graffiti on the green house with corrugated metal sheet walls, which I had photographed last January, was now almost completely painted over with one color, only the two doors next to eachother had a piece left on them, albeit that was a very nice one.

Just one piece and a tag left in November 2011

Same house in January 2011. I can see why it seemed like a different house now...

But the real treat was waiting for me ahead: descending a little pathway down the hill towards a street leading to where I’m staying, I saw two graffiti painters down on the street, working! I bravely approached them and asked if they would allow me to watch, and they did. I didn’t want to interfer, so I just stood there watching while they worked on the outlines with little brushes, listening to music through a headphone in one ear, the other free to hear what was going on nearby, and occasionally checking if anybody was coming up the street.

WM was outlining the man on the right, MOB was painting the creatures on left.

After some quiet moments I gave in to my curiosity, and we had a little chat about what I was doing and what they were doing, about graffiti in Chile and in Finland, the differences between the two cultures, and so on. I noted that they were painting with brushes and asked if they used spray as well, to which WM replied that MOB only ever paints with brushes, but he himself used both. When I wondered if either of them was studying something related to art or graphic design, MOB told WM was: graphic design. Before I left, WM told me his special theme was  bicycles, which would help me to recognize his works.

I watched some more, took a couple of pictures, said I would come to see the finished work the next day, then left them to work in peace and carried on down the hill smiling to myself happily.